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LOFT Aviation Podcast Episode 13 with Julian Storey

By LOFT / September 6, 2019 /

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast this time with one of our close friends Mr. Julian Storey. Julian owns an aircraft management company called Storey Jet Management out of the Isle of Man, and is also a long-time ferry pilot. On this episode, we talk about some of the differences between Aviation here…

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LOFT Aviation Podcast Episode 12 with Mike Bigler and Rob Simpson

By LOFT / August 2, 2019 /

The LOFT podcast returns with Mr. Mike Bigler and Rob Simpson. On this episode, we chat about a wide variety of topics from Mike and Rob’s background in aviation to ferrying 500 Series citations from the United States all the way down to Australia. Questions, Comments, Concerns? Feel free to reach out to us. Podcast@

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LOFT Aviation Podcast Episode 10 with Nick Guida

By LOFT / May 23, 2019 /

This episode of the podcast is with Mr. Nick Guida, founder of Tamarack Aerospace. Nick and Noel discuss winglet technology in Aviation.

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LOFT Aviation Podcast Episode 11 with Phil Kost

By LOFT / May 23, 2019 /

Mr. Phil Kost joins us on the podcast today. Phil started out his career in aviation at the University of North Dakota, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Aviation Management. Since then Phil has had a variety of jobs in Aviation ranging from an Air ambulance pilot to his current gig…

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Episode 009 with John Perell

By LOFT / February 14, 2019 /

Episode 9 of the LOFT podcast is with Mr. John Perell. In the world of aviation, John is a helicopter stunt pilot who appears in projects like Oakley Dreamland. Do you have any feedback for us about the podcast? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us at podcast@

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